Cut the Clutter, Part 1

Hello again!  Earlier, I shared with you that I have found some ways to cut down on the clutter in your life.  Here is the post you’ve been waiting for!  I will share the processes in the order that I did them/am doing them/plan to do them.  Like I said, I’m still working on all this myself!

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I decided to cut down on my clutter from what I perceived to be the easiest task, and move on to the hardest.  I will arrange my posts in the same manner.  We’ll start with what, for me, was the easiest fix: paper stuff.


Easy: Paper Stuff

As a packrat, I have kept every award and certificate I have won, from “Best Biblical Halloween Costume 2003” to “Summer Reading Participant” to “Congratulations on Completing 2nd Grade!”  (Note: I was homeschooled, so I took what I could get.)  I kept every piece of artwork I was proud of doing.  I kept every newspaper that had my junior city league softball team pictured (every team was in the newspaper every year… it was a small town).  My paper “stuff” pile was pretty big.

Here’s what I decided to do about it:

Step 1: Sort.  Look through them, one last time.  If there was anything that even I, as a packrat, asked, “I actually kept this?” then I threw it away.

Step 2: Prep. Prepare a folder on my computer for each category.  If it was paper stuff that needed to stay around, like birth certificates and tax documents, I put them in a filing cabinet.

Step 3: Scan.   Scan all the paper stuff I wanted to keep.  If you’re like me, you don’t actually have a scanner… but you have a smartphone!  I have this free app called “DocScan” which allows you to scan documents and e-mail them for free (you can also fax them, but you have to pay for that).  It’s a bit of a process, but I used my phone to scan anything I wanted, e-mailed it to myself, and downloaded them to my computer.  Since it’s a dull process, it also helped me weed out a few more items that I didn’t feel like scanning.

Step 4: Smile and Wave.   Put everything neatly in a manilla folder, then give it to my husband to throw away… because I still can’t do it myself!

Phew! Easy way to eliminate some paper clutter from your life, but still retain what you care about!  Next Cut the Clutter post: The Pit of Despair.  You know the room… the one where everything kind of ends up.  The one you only enter to dig out something from two years ago, or drop something off that you may or may not use again two years from now.

How do you deal with the paper clutter in your life?  Leave a comment and share your ideas!


One thought on “Cut the Clutter, Part 1

  1. These are great ideas! I like the idea of scanning them into the computer and saving in a folder. I have also made a scrapbook of the artwork my kids have made. If something won’t fit because it’s not 2D or too big, I take a picture of it.


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