Purge the Pounds, Part 2

In our last Purge the Pounds post, we looked at how to change our eating habits in order to lose weight in a healthy way.  Today, we’ll look at the other aspect: working out.

Exercise: My favorite thing to come out of this new, healthy lifestyle is a new hobby.  Not working out… I kind of hate working out.  No, my new hobby is touring state parks!  My husband and I invested in a one-year pass to the state parks of Texas, and we have more than gotten our money back!  Every Saturday, weather permitting, we go to a park and hike the trails (okay, so I guess it is a type of workout, but it’s a sneaky type…it’s more fun than working out).  We average four to nine miles per hike, and we’ve done up to 14 (that was brutal).

Our puppy, Thorin, on a hike with us.

  Hiking is a fun way to just get away from things, take a breath of fresh air, and sometimes bond with one of our puppies!  I would hike multiple times every week if I had the time.  Alas.  I do not.

Of course, there’s the usual, less fun method of exercising, which is actually getting to the gym and working out.  My husband has a schedule for us, where we rotate which muscles we use so everything gets worked and nothing gets overly exhausted.

At first, we were on fire with our workouts, and going every day.  Now, we try to fit it in three times per week.  I’ll post our workout plan and schedule in a later post.

Do you have a workout you enjoy?  Please share it in the comments!


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