Cut the Clutter, Part 2 (AKA, The Pit of Despair, Continued)

IMG_2680Well, here it is!  The results of cleaning up my Pit of Despair are even better than I had hoped.  After cleaning up all of my clutter, I ended up realizing that I probably have enough to have a successful garage sale, which I will do next weekend.

I have included “after” pictures in this post.  Now, this room is still not exactly how I want it, but I wanted to share how de-cluttering, by itself, can make a HUGE difference.

One of the many stacks of next weekend’s garage sale items, including the small desk and the stuff on it.

There are still quite a few things I want to get rid of.  I will probably put most of the decorative things that are on top of the bookshelves in another room, but that room is way too cluttered still to consider it yet.

Most of the things on the big desk are CDs that need to be put on the computer (I definitely haven’t had the time to make that happen yet), and most of the things on the little desk are being sold/donated.


The printer will go on the big desk, and the rolling thing it’s on will go in the garage sale next weekend.

The big mirror is going on the wall, the extension cord will be moved to the garage once we rehome the turtles, and the cabinet the turtles are on will go in the garage sale.

De-cluttering is a lot of work, but it’s worth it in the end.  Having a clutter-free house is proving to lower my stress levels exponentially.  It’s so hard getting rid of my treasured stuff, but I’m realizing that having less crap means that there’s less crap to clean up every day!

Our next Cut the Clutter post will be about the kitchen.  Stay tuned!

Have a de-cluttering success story to share?  Here’s your time to shine!



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