If You Hate Doing Dishes As Much As I Do

I hardly ever have time to cook, but when I do cook, I NEVER have time to do the dishes (whether that’s by choice or by necessity, I’ll leave that to the reader’s discretion).  This means that every time we ate at home, the pile of dirty dishes in the sink grew — along with my stress levels!

I went with an obvious solution.  It was a solution I had avoided, thinking, “Surely I’ll get my life together enough to wash the dishes every night,” but that never happened.  So I finally gave in, and I am so glad that I did!

I bought disposable EVERYTHING.  I have disposable plates, disposable bowls, disposable cups, and even disposable forks, spoons, and knives.

Why did I never do this before?!  I guess I was mostly worried that it would cost more than it was worth, but the truth is that I probably spend about as much as I would on electricity and water to either run the dishwasher or do the dishes by hand.

I am so sold on this, I even gave my plasticware a space in the cabinet, and invested in those plate-holder-things so I wouldn’t have to worry about how flimsy paper plates are.

IMG_2695Using plasticware has helped a huge area of stress in my life.  I highly recommend this to anyone else who, like me, doesn’t have time and hates doing dishes!

What tips, tricks, and shortcuts do you have for eliminating things that add stress to your life?


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