No Phone? WHY?

This blog goes well with our theme of eliminating the excess so we can focus on what matters. Here in the 21st century, most people have made a transition from using technology as a tool to becoming a slave to it. When you put your phone away and decide you aren’t going to mess with it for however long, there are (embarrassingly) moments where you almost feel at a loss for what to do. After that phase, however, is an overwhelming freedom. Suddenly, you have so much time! Suddenly, you get so much more done. Suddenly, you don’t feel tethered to a small device that determines what you do every second. Suddenly, you become your own master again.
This post certainly inspired me to try life without being tethered to a smart phone. What about you? Could you do it?

The Open Tab

I draw inspiration from many sources that I read, watch, or experience. One of my biggest influences of late are The Minimalists. These two men, Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus, are spokesmen for a more meaningful life void of the extra material possessions that occupy our time and affect our cognitive function. They preach that was should strip away the excess that keeps us tied down, to purge our lives of all things that do not add value to how we live. I am in the process of getting rid of the mess in my house/life. You can read more about it in detail on my wife’s blog, Cut The Crap. (Link is on my homepage sidebar for “Blogs I Follow”).

This morning I was reading one of their essays talking about giving up their phone for a month. It talked about how a large percentage of Americans would…

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