Ten Ways to Have Fun When You’re Broke

Now that my husband and I have begun saving as much money as possible to get out of debt, we are having to find ways to entertain ourselves that are either free or super cheap.  This is going to become a much more significant endeavor in a couple weeks, when we come to our hard-earned summer off work.  What can we do that’s cheap?

One: County Fairs

County Fair
I absolutely love fairs!  Some require admission fees, but I have found several that I can visit for free this summer!

Two: Take Walks

I have four dogs, and each of them love the individual attention of being taken for a walk!  It’s a nice, peaceful way to get out of the house and just breathe the fresh air.

Three: Bake Cookies

I have been given the recipe for the most delicious cookies I have ever tasted in my entire life!  I will be making those a lot this summer.

Four: Go Camping


Camping in a tent is remarkably cheap — $10-20 per night, from what I’ve seen, and sometimes even cheaper if you have a park pass.  This could also be a fun way to take a vacation if we want to go somewhere and stay for a weekend or so.

Five: Go Swimming

There are lots of options here: YMCA, city pool, the lakes, state parks, and so on.

Six: Learn a New Skill

I have both a ukulele and a flute that I really want to learn how to play.  I could also learn knitting, quilling (not quilting — different thing), or calligraphy.  The possibilities are endless!

Seven: Make Something


I think it would be really fun to get some clay and make a little statue or something.  I am not an artist, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be fun!  It would also be cool to build a dog house, put together a tiny plant terrarium, make a headboard for my bed… I have entire Pinterest boards dedicated to things like this!

Eight: Have a Movie Marathon

We like to pick a movie series (it’s even more fun if it’s an old series that has horrible graphics or terrible acting) and watch one each night until the series is over.  This gives us something to look forward to, talk about, and laugh at (I realize it is a horrible practice to end phrases with prepositions.  You’ll have to forgive me.).  It’s even better if you watch the finale while eating popcorn.

Nine: Go Bowling

We are both terrible bowlers, which is what makes it so great.  If you go to an old-school bowling alley, rather than the fancy new ones, it’s typically cheaper.  Sometimes, they even have discounts or deals, so watch for those!

Ten: Visit Antique Shops


You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff you can find at an antique store!  We don’t usually buy anything, but it’s pretty cool just to wander around and look.  My husband is a history teacher, so he can usually give some background to a lot of things we find.

What cheap or free things do you do for fun?  Tell me in the comments!


One thought on “Ten Ways to Have Fun When You’re Broke

  1. These are great ideas!
    We like to go mountain biking when we can. Sometimes we’ll go biking on a nature trail, if we can’t go mountain biking. We take things to grill and make a day of it.
    We also like to go hiking at a lake trail or the mountains. We will bring food to grill when we do this, as well.
    Sometimes it’s just nice to sit outside when the weather is nicer or make a fire and roast marshmallows or make s’mores.
    We’ll have a tv series marathon sometimes.


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